How to edit or delete tax presets?

To edit or delete your tax presets, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Go to the "Accounting" tab in the InvoiceQuick dashboard.

Within the "Accounting" tab, navigate to the "Tax presets" tab.

On the tax preset you wish to edit or delete, locate the three dots icon (usually found on the far right side of the tax row) and click on it.

If you want to edit the tax preset, select the "Edit" option from the dropdown menu. This will allow you to modify the tax information such as the tax rate, name, or description.

If you prefer to delete the tax preset, choose the "Delete" option from the dropdown menu. You will likely receive a confirmation prompt to ensure you want to proceed with the deletion.

By following these steps, you can easily edit or delete tax presets in InvoiceQuick. This provides flexibility in managing your tax settings and allows you to keep your tax information up to date with your business needs.

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