InvoiceQuick dashboard

The InvoiceQuick dashboard provides valuable insights into your company's financials and key metrics.

Here is an overview of the different sections available on the dashboard:

  1. Overview: This section provides a summary of important invoice-related information. It includes the total amount of invoiced, due, collected, and past due invoices within a specific time period. This gives you a quick snapshot of your overall invoicing performance.
  2. Cashflow: The cashflow section presents the financial performance of your company through a graph. It allows you to track your income and expenses over time, providing a visual representation of your cashflow trends.
  3. Invoice Aging: This section displays the past due balance divided by different time periods, along with the number of invoices that are past due. It helps you track the aging of your invoices and identify any outstanding payments that require attention.
  4. Activity: The activity section shows the latest activity either from your clients (default) or your own activity on the invoice and estimate level. This provides a log of recent interactions and updates related to invoices and estimates.
  5. Invoice Stats: In this section, you can find various statistics related to your invoices. It includes metrics such as the average amount of invoices, the number of sent invoices per day, the percentage of invoices paid on time, email open rate, and more. These stats provide valuable insights into your invoicing performance and customer engagement.

By utilizing the InvoiceQuick dashboard, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your company's financials, track invoice performance, monitor cashflow, and stay updated on important activity and statistics related to your invoices and estimates.

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