How to edit emails that go to your customers?

Invoicing and sending emails to your customers with the necessary information is a simple process. Follow these steps to send an invoice via email:

After creating an invoice for your customer, locate the invoice and click on the Send invoice button at the invoice level.

Alternatively, in the main Invoice Tab, hover over the invoice you want to send and select the Send button.

main invoice tab

A preview of the email will appear:

The email fields and customization options are as follows:

  • Main Contact: The first field is reserved for the primary recipient of the email, typically the main contact of your customer. Additional recipients can be added in the Other recipients field.
  • Subject: Include important information such as the recipient, invoice number, and sender in the subject line.
  • Email Body: The body of your email should contain relevant details such as the customer's name, amount due, and due date.

Before sending the invoice via email, you can customize the email template for each customer. Here's how:

  1. Go to Settings > Email Templates > Invoice Templates to access the customization options for your email templates when sending invoices.
  2. Within the email template, you can use "data tags" to insert standard pieces of information from the invoice into the subject line and body message of your email.
  3. The default template already includes these data tags, which you can remove or modify as needed.

Please note that the email will be sent from the email address However, the email address's Name field will be personalized with your business name.

Ensure that your invoice includes all the necessary information for your client to understand and process the payment promptly.

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