How to attach an invoice as PDF in sent email

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to attach an invoice as a PDF in a sent email using InvoiceQuick:

  1. Access the Invoices Page:
    • From the sidebar, click on "Invoices" to access your list of invoices.

      Select the Invoice:

    • Locate the specific invoice that you want to send as a PDF in an email from the list. Click on the invoice to open it for viewing.

      Edit Invoice:

    • Once the invoice is open, ensure that you are in "Edit Invoice" mode. This is indicated by an "Edit" button or option.

      Preview and Send:

    • Look for the "Preview and Send" option, found on the right-hand side of the invoice editing screen. Click on it to proceed.

      Attach Invoice as PDF:

    • After clicking "Preview and Send," a dialog box will appear with options for sending the invoice.
    • In this window, you should see a checkbox that reads "Attach Invoice as PDF in Email." Ensure that this option is checked or selected.

      Compose Email:

    • Below the attachment option, you'll have the opportunity to compose the email associated with the invoice.

      Send the Email:

    • Once you've composed the email and confirmed that the "Attach Invoice as PDF in Email" option is selected, click on the "Send" button or a similar option to send the email with the attached invoice as a PDF.

By following these steps, you can easily attach an invoice as a PDF in a sent email using InvoiceQuick. This feature ensures that your clients receive a clear and professional invoice document along with your email communication.

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